Nong Wai Operation and Maintenance Project

Khon Kean Province

Regional Irrigation Office 6



  1. For consumption of people from both banks of Lam Nan Pong.
  2. To irrigated the cultivation areas of 264,020 rais. In Muang Khon Kean, Nam Pong District and Sumsoong district, Khon Khon Province for 140,764 rais and 123,256 Rais in Chiang Yeun District, Kosumpisai District in Mahasarakham Province.
  3. To enable 26,840 farmer families in Muang Khon Kean , Nam Pong District, Sumsoong District in Khon Kean Province and Chiang Yeun District, Kosumpisai District in Mahasarakham Province to practice wet season rice cropping over 264,000 Rais and dry season rice cropping over 180,000 Rais with average yield of 65 tanks/rai at total income of 2,000 million bah/year.
  4. To supply raw water to the Waterworks in Khon Kean Province, Khon Kean University, Sriphacharindra Military Camp and 4 Industrial firms via Right Main Canal.
  5. To encourage fish farming in paddy fields and natural watercourses over n ateas of 7,000 Rais.
  6. To maintain headwater downstream of the Ubonratana Dam for Hydro-power generation.