Project Boundaries

North: bounded by Friendship Highway, Nam Pong District, Khon Kean Province.

South:  bounded by Chi River, Kosumpisai District, Mahasarakham Province.

East:    bounded by Kranuan District, Khon Kean Province.

West:    bounded by Muang District, Khon Kean Province.



Generally climate is hot and humidity.



Mostly loam, sandy loam and clay in alluvial plain.



          In 2013, total of project population covered 5 Districts and 2 provinces. There are  Nampong District , Sumsoong Disctrict and Muang Khon Kean.  Total population  259,970 person.

Male 192,939 pax.

Female 202,974 pax.

ChiangYeun Cidtrict and Kosumpisai District, Mahasasakham Province with total population 68,497 person.

Male 34,049

Female 34,448