Project Description

          The Nong Wai Operation and Maintenance Project is of Weir Type complete with distribution drainage, flood mitigation, feeder rods and telecommunications system.

Distribution System

The distribution of both banks in the Lam Nam Pong are:-



          Right Distribution System consists of 1 main canal of capacity 15.80 cubic metre/sec. 47.490 km. 15 laterals 80.116 km. and 240 ditches of 530 km. to convey water for cultivation areas of 69,997 Rais in Muang and Nam Pong districts, Khon Kean Province.

Right Main Canal

          Left Distribution system consists of 1 main canal of capacity 37.20 cubic meter/sec. 82.909 km. 56 laterals of 296.262 km. and 584 ditches of 1,296.864 km. to convey water for cultivation areas of 194,023 Rais in Nam Pong, Sumsoong District, Khon Kean Province and Chiang Yeun, Kosumpisai District, Mahasarakham Province.


Left Main Canal

Drainage system

          The drainage systems are also provided on both banks of the Lam Nam Pong.

Right drainage system consists of 21 drainage canals of 80.338 km.

Left drainage system consists of 52 drainage canals of 274.832 km.

Huay Chiangsong Electric pumping Flood Mitigation System

Flood Mitigation System The flood mitigations system consists of

  • Embankments along the right banks of the Lam Nan Pong and Nam Chi 27,517 km.
  • Embankments long the left banks of the Lam Nam Pong and Nam Chi 75,494 km.
  • 10 Electric water pumpings at Huay Chiangsong, total pumping capacity 30 cubic metre/sec.


O&M roads

The O&M roads of 574,524 km. served as transportation routes for farms production from the project areas to the markets.